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Surround yourself with high-vibe energy. Leaving a bad situation is the only way to gain the power you crave. Now you are more inclined than ever to ditch your adult responsibilities and hang with your best buds. Allow yourself to have a laugh and reflect on the past, as well as the good times ahead. You are at the top of your game, which means there are more eyes on you. Be aware that some of the people who appear to be on your side, may actually be working against you on the DL, trying to usurp your position.

Will they succeed?

Daily horoscope for Friday, May 17, 12222

Heck, no! No matter how much shade and bad juju they throw your way, everybody knows you are the best choice and artistic tour de force for the position.

By Avani Kalra

You have the nagging feeling that something is currently amiss within your friendships this week, which may cause you to act irrationally. Before confronting others, take a step back and review the facts. Try to see if they add up and if you can make sense of it. You may find that the dilemma is drama dreamed up in your head.

Instead of going into a tailspin and letting fear get the best of you, use your rational side to uncover the truth — which may be the opposite of what you intuitively felt. Put the weapons down, swift archer.

Instead of using your quick temper to shoot straight for the heart of your adversary, let your higher self take hold and guide you toward a deeper understanding of why you are hurt. This will allow you to heal and mend fences before you say something you will regret later. Your once sensual and passion -hemed nights have turned into more of a routine, which is making you rethink your current commitment.


Rekindle the spark between you both by crafting a romantic evening out or a lovely night in. You may be surprised by the electricity you still have and the spark you share. Allow your relationship one more chance to flourish. Whatever the outcome, at the very least, you can say that you both tried to make it last. You are extra sensitive this week as a result of friends criticizing your latest crush. You are allowed to have your own views and like whomever you desire.

If your friends are being disparaging by making snide remarks, then they need to learn to stay in their lane. Date whomever you like. Friends are supposed to lift you up, not bring you down. Living and loving will likely be an uphill battle this week, as your time is being split between your closest relationships and work. Creating structure is key; set limits to your work hours to keep on top of your tasks. Make a to-do list to bang out and organize your workload, which in return will lessen your stresses and allow more free time to spend with your crew.

Let the world be your dress-up closet, astral voyagers, as you sample shifting perspectives and hold yourself lightly and lovingly through all your changing lives. As you enter your birthday month, feel into how you might be able to gift yourself this same honor that you give the world.

Turn your curious gaze on yourself, and all your facets, and bow down to each and every one of them. You are crystal-cut and infinitely complex, Gemstone. Let yourself love each and every angle. But first and foremost, tender shellfish, can you refind the original definition of romance? Ask around for differing opinions, and be open to any and all interpretations of your challenges.

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There are doors and windows everywhere right now, Leo. Unlock them by any means necessary. And the most precious gift, and greatest challenge, is to get out of your own way and let this rite of passage into your power simply reveal itself. How can you agitate less? Un-grip your muscles wherever you can, earth babe. And let the Sun rise of its own accord, as it illuminates your kingdom. As the Sun enters your zone of philosophical beliefs and adventurous expansion, this is a week to really feel into your own sense of experiential knowledge, Libra.

Where do you continue to look outside for answers and teachers, when your own treasure chest is already filled to the brim with infinite wisdom? The ability to become your own teacher means first believing in your particular flavor of experience and distinctive perspective. Consider yourself to be a carefully tumbled stone and relax into all of the lessons that have shaped you. Gemini energy reveals how you can be curious about your carnal impulses, without always having to either lose yourself to your inner animal completely, or totally tame your beast.


Notice anything that feels super sticky and grippy in the realm of partnerships, and simply practice stepping away, practicing some mental hygiene, and creating a container that will allow you to slice into the juicy stuff with a fresh blade. With the chatty Gemini Sun igniting your zone of relating, there is a powerful gift of messaging medicine available to you right now, Wild Pony. And it actually starts in silence. Step away. Sometimes your emotions simply spill out and over like magenta bougainvillea gone rogue across an LA freeway.

Right now, exercise some restraint, not because you need to clip back your feral spirit or appease others, but to figure out exactly how to come into integrity with the true meaning of your words. As the Sun begins its transit of your microcosmic zone of body mechanics and daily contribution, this is a super sweet week for going on a ritualistic walkabout through your everyday, Cappy.

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What have you not been attending to lately? What have you shoved under the bed? Start small in order to grow large again.

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Water a plant. Stare out your window for an hour straight. Organize your lotions and serums.

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Let yourself create an altar out of your everyday, and practice being a seeker who is deeply present for all these particularities. Let this miniaturized walkabout lead you back to your broader work in the world. This is a luscious, love-lit week for you, eccentric Aquarius, as the Sun begins its transit through your zone of passion and popsicles. Let this feel like an early Summer getaway. Clear your calendar, open the windows wide, and wander towards anything and everything that brings you closer to pure pleasure.

Notice the relationship between yourself and the things and people you love. Know that they are reflections of your own lovability, and that you both are changed by this exchange of desire.

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Daily mirror weekly horoscopes

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