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You like to move ahead quickly. You get easily bored with details. This combination can occasionally trip you up, since you could miss something important or incorrectly judge a situation.

What September's Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

A mutable sign, you are one of the lucky flexible ones that can accept change best. Your fire side of your nature makes you enthusiastic, energetic and creative in thinking up new plans and ideas. When life becomes just too much, head for the gym. Nothing makes you toss off stress better than a good sweat. Besides pumping iron, taking your dog for a run is great.

Your sign is symbolized by the centaur, so try an equestrian sport. Hire a horse for an hour and go for a morning gallop through a park, or learn to play polo. Being outdoors regularly is good for you, for Sagittarius is not a sign known to sit still happily or stay cooped-up inside for too long.

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Games of agility such as fencing or archery, could appeal to you as well. When they walk they open the windows of their minds and clear out all the clutter blocking new creative ideas. The unity of mind and body is highly regarded and maintained by Sagittarius. If you need some entertainment, check the newspaper for an animal show or rodeo, or take a wee one to a day at the circus or a zoo.

Sagittarius Work Compatibility: All Play and No Work

Hang out with positive spirits like yourself. Like your opposite sign, Gemini, you enjoy books.

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Head to the nearest bookseller with a large selection or go to the library. Unlike your opposite sign of Gemini, who likes either to read best sellers or self-help books, you are more likely to gravitate to books that deal with a particular philosophy of life.

12222 Sagittarius Career Horoscope: Hard work will be paid off

Your sign is the natural ruler of the 9th house, and therefore your sign is a reflective one. Having a long discussion with a family priest, rabbi, reverend or other religious person or even a professor or other scholar, could prove stimulating. Highly cerebral, you like the process of debate. By allowing random or unfamiliar points of view within your radar, you might be able to come up with creative solutions to whatever is causing your tension.

Another Sagittarius activity that would give an instant change of pace would be an evening adult education class. Your sign enjoys learning, so go hear an expert speak about a topic of interest to you at a neighborhood school, university or even a lecture at a local YMCA or bookstore event. Professor: Smart Sags love lifelong learning, and find that they do well as a professor, both inspiring students and also contributing to scholarly research.

Editor: With a love of words and an eye for detail, Sagittarius is great at shaping books, articles, or films into something even better than the creator of the work envisioned.

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This is a good and bad thing. Sagittarius can easily come by money, and know they have a pretty robust set of skills that can always utilize to make money—or start their own business. A Sagittarius can always hustle and step things up when they need to, and may make or lose several fortunes in a lifetime.

Once you realize that, and that their head may be up in the clouds, you can do your best work. Here, some common Sagittarius boss traits. Happy: A Sag boss wants the workplace to be fun, and may set up team building exercises or bagel Fridays to allow everyone to truly enjoy their on-the-clock time. Independent: A Sagittarius boss follows their own rule book, and hates doing things that have been done a million times before.

Impress a Sag boss by presenting an out of the box plan. Likewise, if you see your Sagittarius boss has an out of office email up, take it seriously and do not disturb them—vacation is everything to Archers. A Sagittarius sees work as one element of their life, but not their whole life.

Sagittarius Career Horoscope | 12222 Work Type Analysis

A Sagittarius loves time off, and hates getting caught in some sort of comparison over how many hours worked. Success is getting work done, getting paid, and using that money to do what you love. Love what you do? At the end of the day, a Sagittarius loves their whole life, and considers a life with plenty of time for relaxation and travel, one that is successful. While the symbol of Sagittarius is the Archer, in Native American tradition, the dates of Sagittarius align with the owl. Watch and listen: Sags thrive in the spotlight, but they also do well watching on the sidelines, and always learn lessons from seeing how others live their lives.

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Sagittariuss at work astrology

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