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This month is supposed to bring some balance and harmony into your life. Speaking as a Gemini —I really hope so. September 22 to October 4 will have the Sun trine your decan, so take that time to use your positivity and drive to your best advantage. Give someone else a chance to speak, and you might be surprised at what you discover about the world and yourself.

The end of this month may bring some anxiety and restless energy as the Sun quincunx Uranus on September The good news is, the rest of the month is an opportunity for you to challenge yourself by venturing outside your home and comfort zone. Get a little uncomfortable, Cancer. Be willing to feel awkward in a room full of well-meaning people.

It will make you appreciate your free time even more. Discomfort is temporary. As one of the more hospitable signs , abundance is something that comes naturally to you. This month, make a concentrated effort to be kind to yourself and notice all of the good things in your life.

You can keep a gratitude journal or a thankful binder or whatever arts and crafts get your motor running. Saying yes to others is not required.

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In fact, Virgo, your generous and loyal heart could even be encouraged to say no more. Maybe you want to paint your nails or look at videos of people decorating hamster cages. Point is, saying no is good and healthy. The more you say it, the easier it gets.

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Say it with me now: No, thank you. September is a good-ass month for you, Libra.


Mental acuity and quick-thinking will keep you from getting into trouble, which is good, as an increase in your workload and commitments is probable. Remember to make time for whatever practices are enriching your life—reading for fun, meditation, weekly coffee dates with a friend or family member. Often these things that bring us joy are the first things to go when things get busy.

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Make it a point to put good practices first. This is the best time fo your Libra horoscope September for making plans because it gives optimism, a broad outlook, and excellent decision-making skills. This is also a great time for making friends, doing business, studying, sitting exams and traveling. September 27 to 30 — Venus sextile Jupiter on the 28th is excellent for partying and making love. Good luck may come in the form of gifts, money, compliments. Increased popularity, charisma and sex appeal is a good omen for your love life. This is also a good time for travel, investments, education and legal matters.

All year — Pluto square your decan means you are in for a test of your strength and character. You really have to know who are and stand up and be counted. You will learn to stand up for yourself but you must also find a balance. But being too ruthless when the opposition gets tough is not always the best option.

September 5 to 8 — Venus trine Pluto on the 6th is a good time for intimate relations due to your increased passion and desire for love and affection. You will enjoy a mysterious type of sexual attractiveness with a strong karmic pull. Obsessions and fascinations are possible now and not only in relationships. September 14 to 28 — Full Moon September brings the potential for deception and confusion because of moodiness, anger and impulsive action. September 25 to October 3 — Mercury in your decan brings mental alertness with quick thinking and reflexes.

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September 25 to 28 — Mercury square Pluto on the 26th can lead to deep thinking and intense interactions. This is a good time for research and uncovering secrets but take care to avoid extremism or conspiracy theories. Trying to convince others by coercion or intimidation would result in arguments or conflict. September 29 to October 9 — Venus in your decan makes you more relaxed, loving and affectionate. This is the best time fo your Libra horoscope September for dating and making money. Menu Skip to content. Search for:. September 1, September 21, Jamie Partridge. It can seem like selective hearing, and maybe to some extent it is — as a method to relax and get less involved in whatever bothers Taurus at the moment.