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Best Vedic Astrologers in Bay Area

Want to explore what would make your life more fun, passionate, and meaningful. Want to reflect on powerful questions and discover your own answers.

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Want a safe space to express yourself and be fully seen, heard, and inspired. I was scoring good marks in coaching but failed in exams. Pandit Ji helped me and now I have passed my exam. Skip to content. Indian Astrologer. Black Magic Remedy Experts. Horoscope Services. Tamil Astrologer. Vedic Astrology. Consult Now. Hope is Life. Book an Appointment Now: Contact Now: Relationship Tangled in a complicated web of your relationships? Love Problem Do you Want Your love back? Family Arguments Getting frustrated with family issues? Divorce Two partners start dwindling it reaches the situation of separation?

Enemies Do your enemy hassles your life? Finance Are wealth issues bothering you? Business Do you want to set up your business? Education Do you think about the answer to your Educational problems? Health Problem Are you suffering from diseases? Sexual Problem Defeated and frustrated by intimate sexual issues? Love Problem Have you not found love yet? Her doctorate in Enlightenment literature explores the role of the natural symbolism in the 18th century extending to the present. She is bi-lingual and gives readings in English or in French. Her readings last roughly ninety minutes. Yes on CDs.

She teaches all these disciplines as well as conducting consultations and finds the synergy obtained from integrating these sources of wisdom can be awe inspiring. It provides the ability to understand how the current positions and passages of the stars in the sky can be used to optimise your journey through life.

Evolutionary Astrology provides added insight into feelings and patterns of behaviour that have been carried forward from unfinished business in past lifetimes and looks at the areas of life where this can be brought to consciousness and healed this time around. Sara is strongly drawn to myth and goddess energy, she is currently researching the impact of a series of the more magical and oracular asteroids in the charts of individuals drawn to the healing and oracular arts.

She finds this can brings valuable connections for those seeking to find their way forward through their life issues. Why am I here? How is it all connected? Can I get it all right in one lifetime? My journey into astrology to answer these questions has led me to explore many systems of astrology; the omen-based divinations of the Babylonians, and the Western astrological techniques from the Greeks to Sydney Omarr's little astrological cookbooks that I would religiously buy every January.

Through it all, evolutionary astrology has come out the winner in answering all those questions I had. We 'come with directions', and if you take the time to read them, you find yourself more confident in making choices. You begin to understand yourself, to accept yourself Let me help you find your peace.