Mars in aries vedic astrology

Mars is the planet which fuels you through struggles and imparts you with the warrior spirit. Sun and Moon are friendly planets for Mars while Mercury and Ketu conjunctions are not aspired. Dussehra, the festival which celebrates the victory of good over evil is celebrated on the 10th day of the Shukla Paksha of the month of Ashvin. This year, it falls on October 8. After the days of festivities and fun Navratri come to an end, Durga Visarjan is performed. It is celebrated on the last day of Navratri and the devotees bid farewell to Maa Durg On the ninth day of Navratri, Goddess Siddhidatri is worshiped.

Siddhi means meditative ability and Dhatri means giver. She is attracted to men who possess a sense-of-humor, honesty and integrity. Sharing adventures or sports with her man is particularly arousing to this female. Relationships with the Mars in Sagittarius female usually start out as friendships and often her romances fade into friendships over time. She cannot tolerate a man who is possessive or jealous and needs a man who is as independent as she is.

Capricorn The person who has Mars in Capricorn has great endurance and a strong need to be in control. He or she is generally slow to anger and is practical about expressing anger. Mars in Capricorn people have enough drive and ambition to achieve their goals and are usually successful as a result. Despite his or her confidence when it comes to attaining wealth or a successful career, this person is often insecure when it comes to romance and sex.

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The Mars in Capricorn person has a strong sense of responsibility and a serious demeanor. The man who attracts the Mars in Capricorn female appears serious, aloof and detached. This female is drawn to money and power and she prefers a man who is ambitious. A man who can provide this female with financial security is particularly appealing.

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She is often slow to show her affection and needs a man who is patient with her. Commitment is important to the Mars in Capricorn female and she will only surrender to a man who is serious about her. Aquarius The Mars in Aquarius person has a free-spirited, non-conforming attitude and tends to be quite eccentric in behavior or appearance. This person is individualistic and likes to experiment. He or she rarely gets angry and is rather detached and calm. The Mars in Aquarius individual has a curious, experimental approach to sex, rather than a smoldering passion that other Mars signs possess.

Logical, open-minded, intellectually interesting men are appealing to the Mars in Aquarius female. Unconventional types and unusual men also appeal to this female. She is especially attracted to rebels and men who are unpredictable. She needs a man who has his own interests and is as independent as she is. Pisces The Mars in Pisces person is compassionate and kind. This person has a tendency to repress anger and is more likely to hurt himself or herself rather than hurt others. Compassion and the tendency to side with the underdog is common with this Mars sign.

He or she may be too idealistic at times, failing to see the reality of a situation. The Mars in Pisces person wants to believe the best about others and is easily hurt when others do not live up to his or her expectations. The man who attracts the Mars in Pisces female is romantic, sensitive and emotional. Creative types who have artistic or musical talent are also appealing to the female who has Mars in Pisces.

Discussing feelings and emotions with the object of her desire can be particularly arousing and stimulating. Mystery intrigues this female and the idea of a secret love affair is also appealing. This woman needs a man who is demonstrative and attentive. The influence of Mars is an important factor to consider when interpreting an astrology chart because its placement determines how a person responds naturally to situations, as well as his or her motivation and drive. Mars is also important in love relationships because it determines what type of man a woman is attracted to.


Of course, the sun sign and other zodiac planets in an astrology chart alter the Mars sign characteristics slightly, so take these factors into consideration when studying the influence of Mars. Want to learn about your love nature? Click here to discover the influence of Venus in love relationships. Are you true to your zodiac sign? Take our astrology quiz and find out! Is Astrology In Your Vocabulary? Do you love reading your daily horoscope, checking out astrology charts, and taking astrology quizzes?

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Healthy Living. Everyday Health Healthy Living. Mars rules Aries, so the planet is in its domain in this sign. Most will benefit from attempting to focus their energies rather than scattering them. However, their versatility and disdain for routine generally means Mars in Gemini natives are busy people. This position inclines toward passive-aggressiveness. These people seem to resist change and to shy away from direct confrontations.

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They need to feel secure before they act. As a result, they can appear rather slow at times. They may appear weak to some, but they can be very strong. Their strength lies in their tenaciousness. Their sex drive can be very tied up with emotional need. At their best, they exude a protective, almost therapeutic aura about them.

What Your Mars Sign Says About Your Sex Drive, Desire & Determination

The protective nature of Cancer is best expressed when Mars in Cancer natives are turning the energy outward — when they are being the protectors of others. Turning it inwards is when there are problems. They should watch for over-sensitivity and self-protection if it limits their lives. These people are threatened by indifference. They can be argumentative and manipulative. Their energy levels are variable, and they can appear to move rather slowly.

They have defensive reactions and bursts of emotional displays when they feel cornered. They may have troubles venting their frustrations, which can come out erratically.

Sun And Mars In 1st House

Stomach upsets are real and often brought on by worry. The tendency to dwell runs high. With more continuity, routine, and discipline, they are happier and stronger. With Mars in Cancer, natives are moved into action through their emotions and moods and can seem quite moody to others as a result. When happy, they act with great confidence, and when tense, they can be entirely withdrawn. They rarely confront or initiate a fight, although they are certainly capable of instigating conflict. They are instinctively self-protective and cautious. This is a good position for chefs, domestic engineers, caregivers, carpenters, and builders.

With reassurance and confidence, these natives are protective, helpful, and dependable in the long haul. They prefer to handle situations peacefully and humanely. They can be bold and fearless when needed! Mars in Cancer is sensuous and warm. Having them on your side is a gift. This position of Mars gives a drive for significance. This is a particularly vital position of Mars. Passions run high, and so does desire.

There is a strong will that gives these natives much staying power. Though Mars in Leo people will enjoy the pleasures of risk-taking, they generally have a strong sense of reason at the end of the day. Mars in Leo people often have well-defined ambitions. They act with authority and power, and their personal magnetism generally endows them with the ability to get what they want.

This is one of the more sexual positions of Mars. While they are rather easy to arouse, their passion is long-standing. Mars in Leo natives enjoy sex more than most, as long as heavy doses of love and romance are part of the package. In partnership, they demand loyalty and admiration.

Mars in aries vedic astrology
Mars in aries vedic astrology
Mars in aries vedic astrology
Mars in aries vedic astrology
Mars in aries vedic astrology

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