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Texture difference have been pointed out and appropriate text accepted. Hence efforts have been made to make this publication the most comprehensive as all available text has been included so as to preclude any additional consultation. Astrology is like any other science, however its practice would always remain an art as the parameters of man environments and times lead to different interpretation in different parts of the world. A lot more is yet to be done especially in the face of the fact that past deeds and predestination have a definite role to play.

Hence it is only through the study of Vedic Astrology that the secret of fate and freewill can be deciphered on a logical plane. The Principles of Vedic Astrology are intricate and yet simple.

Ank ganit jyotish

At times during initial interpretation they may seem to be contradictory but really they are not, and at this stage, the teacher the Guru plays a key role and no book can replace him. However, a limited effort has been made to present appropriate practical example horoscopes both to illustrate the principles and resolve the text. The fear of the book's becoming bulky has tended to hold me back from giving more examples. But to compensate for this deficiency soon the readers shall have a series of books like the following dealing with special principles so far not published or even deciphered by the common student or practitioner of astrology:.

These books have included two decades of research and thousands of horoscopes to affirm my belief in replicable techniques of predictive Vedic Astrology. DPS Chauhan, but for whose help in making this translation closest to concept, the book may not have been in this form. Formal thanks to Mr. I shall ever remain grateful to them. I must also thank Pt. Krishan Kant Sharma, Mr.

Vasudeva, N. Saxena and H.